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92 Commits (166d2e09bac2e8aee745457bbbe8e5a6eff2b8e6)

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neri 166d2e09ba unpin alpine version in dockerfile 7 months ago
neri d340db3b51 migrate from chrono to time 7 months ago
neri 925a45a011 update actix and migrate to tokio 7 months ago
neri 8ca0a9cdee update screenshot 8 months ago
neri 7f650fa89c center the website 8 months ago
neri de43726283 update screenshot 8 months ago
neri 593f93d7d8 don't send content-disposition header for index.html 8 months ago
neri 78ef78f342 cleanup text response code 9 months ago
neri 48574b1ec3 prefer to serve raw files over html files 9 months ago
neri 30d059b7af refactor upload requirements check into separate method 9 months ago
neri 937f0c439c add `cursor: pointer` to details summary 9 months ago
neri 48005123de increase margin-top of buttons 9 months ago
neri 2fb3b257c2 add shortlink to uploaded page 9 months ago
neri c320f87961 make copying more generic and hide when unsupported 9 months ago
neri 530ae31c77 fix font family 10 months ago
neri 424af11918 cache index.html and auth-hide.js in static directory 10 months ago
neri 6b60399c5f migrate Dockerfile away from rust-musl-builder 11 months ago
neri ff3bf42342 update to edition 2021 11 months ago
neri e568919641 provide sample docker-compose.yml 11 months ago
neri 5a933641a4 css focus styling 11 months ago
neri 95dacb20b4 fix panic when files table is empty 11 months ago
neri a065787487 limit text view to 512KiB, fix deleter sql query 11 months ago
neri dfd3387ac6 ensure file ids are unique 11 months ago
neri 2ff464915c simpify db query code 11 months ago
neri b91ef4ab80 disallow newlines in urls 11 months ago
neri 32e411a4d5 fix url view content for copying 11 months ago
neri 923574e235 add repo link and add noopener to links 11 months ago
neri 84b4c399ca add custom view for link-only text 11 months ago
neri 922663bf63 set textarea height relative to view-height 11 months ago
neri f417783821 use tree_magic_db 11 months ago
neri 8fcc4f19d2 add snippet folder to docker build 11 months ago
neri c372db6446 show limits explicitly, improve code 11 months ago
neri 31a429861d always prefer inline display when not downloading 11 months ago
neri b66b34208c license as agpl 11 months ago
neri c89c934d04 fix font-family set everywhere, changed spacings and button text size 11 months ago
neri ad4def1569 set font-family better in css 11 months ago
neri 983eafb2e1 wrap api usage in html details tag 11 months ago
neri f2dfca2b39 add error logging for internal server errors 11 months ago
neri f97b3d79be implement basic auth and additional upload limits for unauthenticated users 11 months ago
neri 1c43d70457 allow slash after file url 1 year ago
neri dbafc1849e update usage with delete_on_download, let it scroll on narrow screens 1 year ago
neri b8fac27511 hide copy buttons when js is not enabled 1 year ago
neri e49800f05e Don't view file when delete_on_download is set 1 year ago
neri 313da6b583 Always display content as text if user uploaded it as such 1 year ago
neri 3bed4de127 extract more modules, fix FileKind enum names 1 year ago
neri 77fd25b787 implement delete on download, better logging and multipart parsing 1 year ago
neri c551f40c7a remove openssl from dependencies 2 years ago
neri 2388e2c2ce decide when to show embedded text based on mime type of file 2 years ago
neri 1d51c200d6 do mime guessing, fix MAX_UPLOAD_BYTES 2 years ago
neri 3a3174619d shorter id generation, shorten file url 2 years ago