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Homie Schild Firmware



LED Strip

Topic Descriptions settable Values
device_id/strip/pixel/ Range property from 0 - (number of pixels - 1) yes Color as uint32_t see Color
device_id/strip/color Range property to set the effects colors 1 & 2 see: effect colors yes Color as uint32_t see Color
device_id/strip/brightness Sets the brightness of the pixel strip yes possible values: 0 - 255
device_id/strip/effect Set effect yes see: effects
device_id/strip/clear Clears the pixels strip yes any value is possible
device_id/strip/length Set the strip length yes Possible values: 0 - length


To convert RGB value use the following bash code:

function rgbToColor {   
  echo $(( $(($1<<16)) + $(($2<<8)) + $(($3))  ));

function colorToRGB {
  echo "Red:    $(($1>>16&0xff))"
  echo "Green:  $(($1>>8&0xff))"
  echo "Blue:   $(($1&0xff))"


RGB Value to color uint32_t

  bash$ rgbToColor 155 230 32

uint32_t to RGB values

  bash$ colorToRGB 10216992
  Red:    155
  Green:  230
  Blue:   32


  • scanner Shows the moving larson scanner eye known form Battlestar Galactica and Knight Rider. The used effect color can be specified by color_0
  • randomscanner This is the same scanner then the scanner above but uses an alternating color pattern
  • rainbowcycle Shows a cycling rainbown on the LED strip
  • theaterchase Shows an color chasing LED strip. You can specify the color by set color_0 and color_1
  • bvb Shows an color chasing LED strip. It is predefined with yellow and black (off)
  • fade Fades from effect color_0 to effect_color_1
  • randomfade Fades thru an alternating color pattern
  • random Set the color of each pixel randomly, once
  • smooth Smooth transitions, created for pixelprojektor
  • plasma Plasma animation, created for pixelprojektor
  • fire Yellow-Orange-red flicker fire effect
  • fireworks (Beta) Works best on very long stripes, this one is a bit short (30 LEDs)
  • drop Water drop effect
  • scannerrandom Like randomscanner, but randomly changes directions
  • ring Water drop effect with expanding "ring"
  • none Stop all effects

Effect colors

You can set to different effect colors

  • color_0 (default R: 255, G: 0 B: 0)
  • color_1 (default R: 0, G: 0 B: 255)

The effect color has to be set after the effect.

  1. homie/device_id/strip/effect/set -m "fade"
  2. homie/device_id/strip/color_0/set -m "255"
  3. homie/device_id/strip/color_1/set -m "10216992"

This color will be used for the following effects:

  • scanner
  • theaterchase
  • fade

This color will be used for the following effects:

  • theaterchase
  • fade