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neri 7e2d1d8c71 Revert "add a custom response for full storage" 5 months ago
neri eddbeec7ef add a custom response for full storage 5 months ago
neri d340db3b51 migrate from chrono to time 7 months ago
neri 925a45a011 update actix and migrate to tokio 7 months ago
neri 30d059b7af refactor upload requirements check into separate method 9 months ago
neri 95dacb20b4 fix panic when files table is empty 11 months ago
neri dfd3387ac6 ensure file ids are unique 11 months ago
neri c372db6446 show limits explicitly, improve code 11 months ago
neri f2dfca2b39 add error logging for internal server errors 11 months ago
neri f97b3d79be implement basic auth and additional upload limits for unauthenticated users 11 months ago
neri 3bed4de127 extract more modules, fix FileKind enum names 1 year ago
neri 77fd25b787 implement delete on download, better logging and multipart parsing 1 year ago
neri 1d51c200d6 do mime guessing, fix MAX_UPLOAD_BYTES 2 years ago
neri 12544034af Add curl instructions, extract copy into own file 2 years ago
neri 4efea5e221 improve error handling 2 years ago
neri 6ffaf5d582 use correct http semantic on upload redirect 2 years ago
neri 7403abbe99 db timeout, dont leak inner workings, auto create files dir, fix script injection 2 years ago
neri 827baf8eec finish it i guess 2 years ago
neri fdd418ec3e Initial commit 2 years ago