54 Commits (7e2d1d8c715b0321b86a4096c485a5a72eeb9cf9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
neri 7e2d1d8c71 Revert "add a custom response for full storage" 7 months ago
neri eddbeec7ef add a custom response for full storage 7 months ago
neri d9c92a2827 use html view even if content matches text/html 8 months ago
neri d340db3b51 migrate from chrono to time 9 months ago
neri 925a45a011 update actix and migrate to tokio 9 months ago
neri 593f93d7d8 don't send content-disposition header for index.html 10 months ago
neri 78ef78f342 cleanup text response code 12 months ago
neri 48574b1ec3 prefer to serve raw files over html files 12 months ago
neri 30d059b7af refactor upload requirements check into separate method 12 months ago
neri 2fb3b257c2 add shortlink to uploaded page 12 months ago
neri 424af11918 cache index.html and auth-hide.js in static directory 1 year ago
neri 95dacb20b4 fix panic when files table is empty 1 year ago
neri a065787487 limit text view to 512KiB, fix deleter sql query 1 year ago
neri dfd3387ac6 ensure file ids are unique 1 year ago
neri 2ff464915c simpify db query code 1 year ago
neri b91ef4ab80 disallow newlines in urls 1 year ago
neri 84b4c399ca add custom view for link-only text 1 year ago
neri c372db6446 show limits explicitly, improve code 1 year ago
neri 31a429861d always prefer inline display when not downloading 1 year ago
neri f2dfca2b39 add error logging for internal server errors 1 year ago
neri f97b3d79be implement basic auth and additional upload limits for unauthenticated users 1 year ago
neri 1c43d70457 allow slash after file url 2 years ago
neri e49800f05e Don't view file when delete_on_download is set 2 years ago
neri 313da6b583 Always display content as text if user uploaded it as such 2 years ago
neri 3bed4de127 extract more modules, fix FileKind enum names 2 years ago
neri 77fd25b787 implement delete on download, better logging and multipart parsing 2 years ago
neri 2388e2c2ce decide when to show embedded text based on mime type of file 2 years ago
neri 1d51c200d6 do mime guessing, fix MAX_UPLOAD_BYTES 2 years ago
neri 3a3174619d shorter id generation, shorten file url 2 years ago
neri 9e38960f00 update dependencies, urlencode filename 2 years ago
neri f100450796 remove unused import 2 years ago
neri 12544034af Add curl instructions, extract copy into own file 2 years ago
neri 4efea5e221 improve error handling 2 years ago
neri c9d00db39a add 404 page 2 years ago
neri 458220df47 more intuitive max file size 2 years ago
neri 64c2567918 append original file name to urls 2 years ago
neri b553bd621b remove debug env var read 2 years ago
neri c57d15c7e3 rustify db url building 2 years ago
neri e3a7c5329e apply formatter 2 years ago
Fionera 64be9b7f0c Use actix url generator for the uploaded url 2 years ago
Fionera b512674da9 Add Connection string builder 2 years ago
neri a92d7fe397 do some code cleanup 2 years ago
neri 594ca9d253 remove content disposition from index.html 2 years ago
neri 941c07bdaf no compression, better http caching, better css 2 years ago
neri 07db070107 add asciitrash copy and download button 2 years ago
neri 6ffaf5d582 use correct http semantic on upload redirect 2 years ago
neri 42a3d61db8 configurable logging, mobile friendliness 2 years ago
neri 5fb444216e fix deletion race condition 2 years ago
neri 7403abbe99 db timeout, dont leak inner workings, auto create files dir, fix script injection 2 years ago
neri e110378ba6 remove compile time postgres dependency, add docker build 2 years ago