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neri c6a9eae828 change repos.ctdo.de to git.ctdo.de 3 months ago
neri d822ae27ae remove wrong lang=javascript attributes from script tags 3 months ago
neri 29add89e3d add support for pasting files 4 months ago
neri 7f650fa89c center the website 7 months ago
neri 2fb3b257c2 add shortlink to uploaded page 8 months ago
neri c320f87961 make copying more generic and hide when unsupported 8 months ago
neri 424af11918 cache index.html and auth-hide.js in static directory 8 months ago
neri 32e411a4d5 fix url view content for copying 10 months ago
neri 923574e235 add repo link and add noopener to links 10 months ago
neri 84b4c399ca add custom view for link-only text 10 months ago
neri 922663bf63 set textarea height relative to view-height 10 months ago
neri c372db6446 show limits explicitly, improve code 10 months ago
neri 983eafb2e1 wrap api usage in html details tag 10 months ago
neri f97b3d79be implement basic auth and additional upload limits for unauthenticated users 10 months ago
neri dbafc1849e update usage with delete_on_download, let it scroll on narrow screens 1 year ago
neri b8fac27511 hide copy buttons when js is not enabled 1 year ago
neri 77fd25b787 implement delete on download, better logging and multipart parsing 1 year ago
neri 2388e2c2ce decide when to show embedded text based on mime type of file 1 year ago
neri 12544034af Add curl instructions, extract copy into own file 2 years ago
neri dc99b87bcc add 'copy link' button to upload view 2 years ago
neri b0b03f32a4 update css, fix some a11y issues 2 years ago
Fionera 64be9b7f0c Use actix url generator for the uploaded url 2 years ago
neri 941c07bdaf no compression, better http caching, better css 2 years ago
neri 07db070107 add asciitrash copy and download button 2 years ago
neri 42a3d61db8 configurable logging, mobile friendliness 2 years ago
neri 7403abbe99 db timeout, dont leak inner workings, auto create files dir, fix script injection 2 years ago
neri a5ff24cd0d remove 10 second option 2 years ago
neri e110378ba6 remove compile time postgres dependency, add docker build 2 years ago
neri 4af61bfd86 add environment variable configuration 2 years ago
neri 827baf8eec finish it i guess 2 years ago