91 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
neri fbb8f5a7c5 refactor: use results for deletion failures 4 months ago
neri aef400ff51 fix: panic when unable to delete files 4 months ago
neri 6e5892a209 fix: file deletion when database can't be reached 4 months ago
neri a221d4e618 fix: xss when attaching ?dl to the url 5 months ago
neri b28d83a481 feat: add security headers 6 months ago
neri af59c099dd feat: allow http head requests 6 months ago
neri bf2e91a2c5 refactor: simplify actix app config 7 months ago
neri 0a469ae367 refactor: move template filling into module 8 months ago
neri 4cd3cead88 feat: add abuse mail link to footer 8 months ago
neri 95c867eb38 fix: quit the server should the deleter ever panic 8 months ago
neri 24c4307ce5 fix: payload too large, failed binary content type detection 8 months ago
neri 3da9f1117e chore: upgrade dependencies 8 months ago
neri 8f0cfdc91b fix: trim content before detecting urls 8 months ago
neri 900d9ac449 refactor: construct filepaths more idiomatically 8 months ago
neri f9de6e5164 fix upload without filename 10 months ago
neri ca56e501a2 refactor upload endpoint 10 months ago
neri b9849153f0 fix url decoding in /uploaded endpoint 10 months ago
neri dc2f7ecab0 move multipart error handling into its module 10 months ago
neri 2de28ca5db correct vary header 10 months ago
neri 44843ab222 use rand distribution for file id generation 10 months ago
neri 756d4b67a0 refactor: fix clippy warnings 11 months ago
neri 7664ba3ec9 don't reread file to perform mime guess 11 months ago
neri 7983557c5a update/fix rate limit environment variables 12 months ago
neri 32fdda0b1e remove debug logs 12 months ago
neri 171bfc98a9 use inline string formatting 1 year ago
neri d7b6d31198 determine corrext file extension for text uploads 1 year ago
neri 1dc2fff0c1 load mime parents to determine text display 1 year ago
neri e4857cde42 perform mime guess on application/octet-stream upload 1 year ago
neri 1527445857 upgrade dependencies and time handling 1 year ago
neri 4ea8797149 always add X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff header 1 year ago
neri 4496335f50 add rate limiting for download 1 year ago
neri 96eadb1723 return correct mime types, improve web security 1 year ago
neri e0b5a3fc65 fix unlimited max file size template render 1 year ago
neri b414fda39a make template filling code prettier 1 year ago
neri 53c568082d trim trailing whitespace of snippets 1 year ago
neri bf7c762f83 upgrade dependencies 1 year ago
neri 36b9096325 add cache headers for file downloads 1 year ago
neri 7e2d1d8c71 Revert "add a custom response for full storage"
This reverts commit eddbeec7ef.
1 year ago
neri eddbeec7ef add a custom response for full storage 1 year ago
neri d9c92a2827 use html view even if content matches text/html 1 year ago
neri d340db3b51 migrate from chrono to time 2 years ago
neri 925a45a011 update actix and migrate to tokio 2 years ago
neri 593f93d7d8 don't send content-disposition header for index.html 2 years ago
neri 78ef78f342 cleanup text response code 2 years ago
neri 48574b1ec3 prefer to serve raw files over html files 2 years ago
neri 30d059b7af refactor upload requirements check into separate method 2 years ago
neri 2fb3b257c2 add shortlink to uploaded page 2 years ago
neri 424af11918 cache index.html and auth-hide.js in static directory 2 years ago
neri 95dacb20b4 fix panic when files table is empty 2 years ago
neri a065787487 limit text view to 512KiB, fix deleter sql query 2 years ago