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neri e0b5a3fc65 fix unlimited max file size template render 4 weeks ago
neri b414fda39a make template filling code prettier 1 month ago
neri bf7c762f83 upgrade dependencies 2 months ago
neri 24fc93cef7 set version to 1.1.2 3 months ago
neri becfefb070 chore: update dependencies 4 months ago
neri d9c92a2827 use html view even if content matches text/html 4 months ago
neri 29add89e3d add support for pasting files 4 months ago
neri 1eeff7b0c4 update version, readme and sample docker-compose file 4 months ago
neri d340db3b51 migrate from chrono to time 6 months ago
neri 925a45a011 update actix and migrate to tokio 6 months ago
neri ff3bf42342 update to edition 2021 10 months ago
neri 84b4c399ca add custom view for link-only text 10 months ago
neri f417783821 use tree_magic_db 10 months ago
neri c372db6446 show limits explicitly, improve code 10 months ago
neri c551f40c7a remove openssl from dependencies 1 year ago
neri 1d51c200d6 do mime guessing, fix MAX_UPLOAD_BYTES 1 year ago
neri 9e38960f00 update dependencies, urlencode filename 1 year ago
neri 941c07bdaf no compression, better http caching, better css 2 years ago
neri 8436ae4f4d remove unused dependency 2 years ago
neri 42a3d61db8 configurable logging, mobile friendliness 2 years ago
neri 7403abbe99 db timeout, dont leak inner workings, auto create files dir, fix script injection 2 years ago
neri e110378ba6 remove compile time postgres dependency, add docker build 2 years ago
neri 827baf8eec finish it i guess 2 years ago
neri fdd418ec3e Initial commit 2 years ago